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“You’ll Discover Step-By-Step How To Write A ‘Killer’ Article And Then Use It To Drive Thousands Of New, Motivated Visitors To Your Website Without Spending A Cent On Traffic!”

trafficThe Secret To Non-Stop, Free, Targeted Traffic Awaits You

Are you using the number 1 strategy for getting remarkable amounts of traffic to your website? Maybe you are doing article marketing but chances are you’re not doing it as effective as you could be. The fact is, most people never really quite ‘get it’ when it comes to article marketing… but, if you’d like to be one of the rare few who do, you need to read this…

Here’s the bottom line: Promoting with articles creates large streams of steady and continuous traffic coming to your website as a result of you taking just a few simple actions once… and you continue receiving that traffic for many weeks, months and even years later.

Imagine being able to put your article marketing efforts on steroids. Doing things the right way, following a simple and proven roadmap, can send you limitless amounts of traffic from thousands and thousands of reliable sources. And the best part? This is the highest quality of traffic you can imagine. They most definitely are already interested in your subject matter. Chances are these visitors even see you as an expert in your field.  And a lot of your visitors are likely to have their wallets open and ready.

It’s time to figure out exactly how to explode your traffic.

Introducing “Turn Words Into Traffic” By Jim Edwards

jim-edwardsYour Ultimate Resource For Free Targeted Traffic And Customers

He’s been published more times than you’ve had hot dinners. His articles have appeared before hundreds of thousands people online creating heaps of traffic 7 days a week, 365 days a year for his websites. And now for the first time ever you have the rare opportunity to experience the same method Jim Edwards uses to drive humongous amounts of high quality free traffic for fun…

I Want Unlimited Free Traffic

Inside ‘Turn Words Into Traffic’ you’ll discover:

  • 15 of the Web’s best ezine directory sources to quickly find and contact thousands of ezine publishers starving for content! Don’t waste time searching for where to submit articles… get busy sending them to people who can publish them today!
  • 23 specific article announcement sites to announce your article to thousands of eager website owners and ezine publishers who can publish and post your article immediately!
  • How to quickly build your own list of thousands of ezine publishers and website owners thirsty for content and ready to publish each of your articles as soon as you write them!
  • Use the power of promoting with articles without writing! Learn how to quickly and easily get articles you can put your name on as the author… without writing a single word!
  • The plain truth about using search engines to promote using articles and getting traffic to your site. No, you don’t have to become a search engine “guru” because I’ll show you how to get 85 percent of the same results in about 1/50th the time.
  • Force people to reach down into their pockets, grab their wallets, and give you their money almost against their will… by learning the right way to create a compelling “Resource Box” which drives them to action!

I Want Unlimited Free Traffic

  • How to use “sleeper links” to fly under people’s anti-sales “radar!” – I’ll show you a super-secret, private method for putting several different money-making opportunities into any article you write. This one tip alone is worth 100 times the price of this ebook because it will show you how to set up multiple profit centers in one article and fly “under the radar” defenses of your prospects…
  • Click one button and instantly put your article in the hands of hundreds, even thousands of ezine publishers who can distribute your article to thousands of people – NOW! We’ll show you how to develop and grow a list of hundreds and even thousands of website owners and ezine publishers who will eagerly read and publish every article you write. I’ve done it and I’ll show you how!
  • A proven 11-step article writing “formula”. Follow this formula to the letter and you’re guaranteed to have an article others will eagerly publish on their website and promote to their lists. BEWARE: Miss any of these critical steps and your article will fall flat on its face. Follow our simple, proven model of success to increase your website traffic and create a profit explosion!
  • Turn each article into a potential profit generator by learning how to target your audience so thousands of people will not only want to read your articles, but will eagerly click on your resources box, visit your site, and buy your products or services!
  • How to develop a relationship with people so they’ll feel like they “know” you — without ever meeting them!

And much much more, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many nuances to article writing, yet all of it is so simple to pull off. But if you just don’t know this stuff you might be left floundering with a measly amount of traffic that translates into a lot fewer customers.

Buy Turn Words Into Traffic NowYou get this time-tested roadmap for free unlimited traffic for an insanely low price of $39. Quite frankly, it’s a no brainer.

To get started sending streams of traffic to your sites in a matter of days simply click the link below or the “Order Now” button to the right of this text.

I Want Unlimited Free Traffic

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